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Moving Individuals, Families & Communities


"We at Grace-Mar have a vision to use workforce development as a catalyst to move individuals, families and communities forward both socially and economically."


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Grace Mar Services Inc, started out as a nonprofit housing counseling organization, was founded by Kenneth and Grace Smith in 2009.  Kenneth named the organization after his wife Grace and his mother Margaret. The agency’s goal was to help individuals and families improve social and economic mobility.  The agency received its first charitable donation from Regions Bank for $150 in 2010.  Ten years later the agency received a $1.5 million grant from the US Department of Labor.  Today Grace Mar is a combination of several companies including: a software company, a training division and a consulting firm.  These companies continue to serve individuals, families, and communities in the areas of workforce development and economic growth and mobility. 

Our goal is to use the expertise that we have developed over the past  years to help individuals, families and communities MOVE FORWARD.


Workforce Development –

for individuals, for businesses, for communities

Grace-Mar is a workforce development agency aimed at helping employers with developing and preparing talent for their open job requisitions while helping individuals in at risk communities with obtaining job skills that are relevant in their local economies. 

What we do

What we Do

For Individuals

We provide over 7000 online training programs and work with over 300 employment partners to help individuals to upskill and reskill. Our training equips individuals to enter or re-enter the workforce and be able to obtain and maintain employment at a livable wage.

We will build and develop strategies to create viable talent pools to meet the business community needs and close talent gaps.  In addition, we help in building small business, who are working in the are of workforce development in thier communities. 

For Businesses

We will help in building city, county and statewide workforce strategies for attracting employers.  We will lead with workforce development as a catalyst for economic growth. 

For Communities


Success Stories

I just want to thank the staff at Grace-Mar for assisting me with finding work. Not being from NC, I was hesitant to trust agencies with finding me work, as I did not know the reputation of many companies. 

However upon going to Grace-Mar and meeting with Elijah Gray, he assured me he would help. Well, he held true to his words and assisted me with finding employment with a reputable company in NC. Since then I have referred many people to Elijah and they have also found employment. If I had to do it all over again I WOULD. Thank you Leah for the emails, Kenny for the career path evaluation, Elijah for the referrals and the job. You guys ROCK! 

-Pauline Malloy

For Individuals

Grace -Mar is a workforce development agency aimed at helping employers fill their open job requisitions, by providing vocational training, supportive services and others resources to individuals in underserved communities that will enable them meet the job requirements for employers in their local economies.


We help small businesses and nonprofit profit organizations who are working in underserved communities to grow and scale their operations to increase their impact on the individuals, families and communities that they serve.


For Businesses

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For Communities

We will help in building city, county and statewide workforce strategies for attracting and retaining employers. We use workforce development as a catalyst for economic growth. We host community conversations and education sessions to help with identifying local social and economic needs.


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Get in Touch

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